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myCare Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I acknowledge that I am requesting El Camino Hospital to release my personal health information, including test results to my online personal health record and to grant me access to my online personal health record, including the ability to communicate with my health care team concerning my health information via the internet using the El Camino Hospital application, myCare. I understand that my medical clinicians are prohibited by California law from releasing certain test results to me electronically and consequently I may not be able to access all of my health information online in MyCare. I understand that El Camino Hospital reserves the right to limit or discontinue my use of MyCare if I do not abide by these terms and conditions or at the sole discretion of El Camino Hospital.

Privacy and Security Policy

El Camino Hospital considers the privacy of your health information to be one of the most important elements in our relationship with you. Our responsibility to maintain the confidentially of your health information is one that we take very seriously.

The following notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review carefully:

Privacy Practices

Summary of Requirements

  • E-Messaging should never be used for urgent matters.
  • A valid and functional e-mail address must be provided.
  • Online ID and password should not be shared with anyone. Use of El Camino Hospital's myCare is for accessing an individual's health information or authorized access to health information of someone in my care.

Use of myCare

I understand that El Camino Hospital's myCare should never be used for urgent matters.

I acknowledge the anticipated turnaround time for response to electronic messages is 1 to 2 business days.

For all urgent matters that I believe may immediately affect my health or well-being, I will, without delay, contact my clinician by telephone, and/or go to the emergency department of a local hospital, and/or dial 911.

I understand that my health care team may send me secure e-Messages via myCare. These messages may contain information that is important to my health and medical care. It is my responsibility to monitor these messages. By entering my valid and functional email address, I have enabled El Camino Hospital to notify me of messages sent to my inbox. I understand that maintaining my current email contact information with El Camino Hospital's myCare is my responsibility and I will update my email address on myCare as needed.

I agree to not upload any attachments which violate any copyright laws, international or otherwise, or attach images which depict pornography or any material deemed in any manner illegal or unauthorized by state or federal laws or regulations and are not related to my own personal clinical care except for those for which I have legal proxy access.

This agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and shall be governed by, the procedural and substantive laws of the State of California.

Your Test Results

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, I agree that I request El Camino Hospital to post test results (or summaries of results) to the myCare in a timely fashion as technically feasible unless expressly forbidden by law.

Should I decide I no longer would like electronic transmission of my test results, I can choose to deactivate my account.

I understand not all test results are posted to the myCare patient portal in accordance to the law. I understand I may receive my test results prior to the results being reviewed by my provider.

I agree it is my sole responsibility to contact the ordering provider with any questions or concerns about my test results.

Online ID and Password

I understand that I must create a unique MyCare Identification (ID) code and password to be used to access my health information. Inquiries and entries that I make will be logged with my identity.

I understand that it is extremely important that I keep my myCare ID and password completely confidential. If at any time I feel that the confidentiality of my password has been compromised, I will change it by going to the Password link on the website. I understand that El Camino Hospital takes no responsibility for and disclaims any and all liability or consequential damages arising from a breach of heath record confidentiality resulting from sharing or losing my password. If El Camino Hospital discovers that I have inappropriately shared my password with another person or that I have misused or abused MyCare privileges in any way, my participation in myCare may be discontinued by El Camino Hospital without prior notice.

I understand that I must not share my myCare ID and/or Password with any other website, party, or vendor (for example, a mobile app or website that collects and displays health information). In doing so, I hold myself accountable for any interaction this has between myCare and the 3rd party and do not hold El Camino Hospital liable for my personal information and/or patient information that is accessed by the 3rd party and what they do with this information.

Verification of Identity

I understand that my enrollment is contingent on verification of my identity either in person or by comparing my signature provided on the Release of Information form with my signature in my health record.

Deactivation of My Account

I understand that myCare may be deactivated upon my request or at the discretion of El Camino Hospital for failure to meet these Terms and Conditions.


I understand that myCare may not be available to me at all times due to unanticipated system failures, back-up procedures, maintenance, or other causes beyond the control of El Camino Hospital. Access is provided on an "as-is as-available" basis and El Camino Hospital does not guarantee that I will be able to access MyCare at all times. During times when MyCare is unavailable, other communication methods (e.g., telephone) should be used to contact El Camino Hospital or my clinician.

I understand that El Camino Hospital takes no responsibility for and disclaims any and all liability arising from any inaccuracies or defects in software, communication lines, the virtual private network, the Internet or my Internet Service Provider (ISP), access system, computer hardware , or any other service or device that I used to access myCare.